Compliance 23.12 Release Notes

Web Release Notes

  • New default values in forms - You can now configure default values in templates for Choice and Text questions. The configured values will show as default when performing the form. This will speed up the process when filling out a form when you have common default values. ClosedRead more

    The following image shows the default value template configuration for a choice and text question:

    You can select Short to limit the default value to 250 characters, or long to limit the default value to 4000 characters. For more information about configuring templates, see Template Creation .

  • Automapping feature – You can now setup automapping to map templates to project values in the project structure or components and create a series of checklists for project structure levels (nodes) or inspection and test plans. Automapping setup lets you configure a series of map values that will be used as tags you can map to nodes in project structure, which can then be mapped to templates. This eliminates having to manually perform this process. ClosedRead more

    You can enable automapping at the project level in Project settings. Project structure or Integrate with Plan components must be enabled to use the Automapping feature.

    When enabled, you can configure automapping in:

    • Automapping setup - Create map values to associate to the project structure and templates.

    • Map project structure - Associate map values to the project structure nodes, such as areas, systems, or subsystems.

    • Map templates – From the list of templates, you can select mapped values and associate them to templates that have been configured with the dynamic header.

    • Go to Automapping – Select a mapped value, category, project structure nodes, templates, and default quantities to create forms (activities) for each level. You can filter by type to narrow list results.

    • Email summary – When your automappings have been created, you will receive an email notification with a Microsoft Excel file showing a summary of the new forms.

    For more information about project level settings, see Project level settings. For more information about Automapping, see Automapping Overview.

Mobile Release Notes

Updated 16-FEB-2024

  • Sync improvement- The auto-sync feature has been disabled, and the application no longer syncs automatically when launched. Now, a banner at the top of the application informs you when the last project sync took place. You must sync the application to get the most recent updates, such as the latest template revisions, permissions, or access to newly assigned projects.

    Notice that when you sync your project now, the application only syncs the current (most recently downloaded) active project. The application no longer syncs multiple projects, which minimizes the time needed to sync the project. The previously active project still shows in recent projects but will not sync. For more information about syncing, see Sync.