Design 23.12 Release Notes

  • InEight Control integration setting enhancement – In project settings Quantity Forecasting > General > Control integration, the Pay item and Assigned vendors attributes are now inherited when Control integration is enabled. You can view, filter, and export pay item and assigned vendor data by adding the Pay item and assigned vendors columns to the grid in Quantity forecasting > Quantity Items grid. ClosedRead more

    Now, in addition to Account code, Cost segment, and UoM attributes, the Pay item, and Assigned vendors are also inherited from Control.

    You can add the Pay item and Assigned vendors columns to the grid and view them in the Edit quantity item slide-out panel.3.

    For more information, see Quantity forecasting General setting.

  • Associate documents – In the projects Engineering > Scope items > Actions > Associate documents page, a new Documents tab has been added to view a summary of associated documents to scope items. ClosedRead more

    In the Documents tab, you can easily track associated items, provide real time updates, and export data.

    For more information, see Documents in Associate document overview.