Document 24.5 Release Notes

This is a preview of the upcoming release. General release is available starting 13-JUN-2024.


  • Reactivate completed checklists – You can now reactivate a completed checklist. Reactivating a checklist lets you reopen a checklist that should not have been closed out. ClosedRead more

    If you need to reactivate a completed checklist, you can now select it, expand the Actions menu, and then select Reactivate checklist. The checklist is then reset to the Active state.

    The Reactivate Checklist security group has been added to the Checklist module security (Admin > Manage user access, Access type: Security, Module: Checklist) to control who can reactivate checklists. You can also configure whether people can reactivate personal checklists or company checklists.