IFC Plugin

Step by Step 1 — Download IFC Importer Plugin

AutoCAD must be closed prior to an install.

  1. Open https://ineight.com/ineight-software-downloads/ in your web browser and navigate to the Downloads Menu.
  2. Select the plugin download link for IFC Importer.

  1. With InEight Model closed, download and install the IFC Importer.
  2. Run the downloaded file to complete the IFC Importer installation process.

Step by Step 2 — Import an IFC Model

  1. From within InEight Model, with a project loaded, select File > Import > from IFC...

    • The Import IFC window opens
  2. The Model Importer window provides access to settings and options for exporting model content from IFC model into InEight Model.

  3. Select one or multiple IFC models.

  4. Click Open.
    • The Model Importer window opens
  5. From the Model Import window, select the Choose Location... button within the Location* column.

    • The Choose Location window will open
    • CTRL+A will select all models or CTRL+Left mouse click to select multiple models.

      If the model has been previously loaded, its location will appear instead of "Choose Location...*".

  6. Within the Choose Location window, the Project Structure is displayed, select a location for the Model Stream.
  7. Select OK.

    • With the location defined, the export process can begin
  8. Select Start.

    • While the model(s) are exporting, the Last Update column becomes a status bar and the Start button becomes a Stop button

  1. Select Close.

    • The Model Importer window will close and trigger the Model Stream Info window

  1. Select Save Now.

There are two options to save:

  • Save Now: Will push the model to the cloud so others on the project can see and utilize the model

  • Save Later: Will not push the model to the cloud, but keep it locally on the computer unitl “Save Project” has been executed to share with the project team

If the model is not visible in the viewer, then select the Home key on your keyboard (laptops -> Fn+Home).

This process imported the model(s) into InEight Model with minimal metadata from the authoring system.