Navisworks Plugin

Ensure Navisworks is closed before installing the plugin.

Step by Step 1 — Download Navisworks Plugin

  1. Open
  2. Select the plugin download link for Navisworks.

Step by Step 2 — Launch Model Exporter in Navisworks

  1. With Navisworks closed, download and install the Navisworks Plugin.
  2. Complete the Navisworks Plugin installation process in Step by Step 1.
    • Once installed, the Export add-ins tab will appear on the authoring tool's navigation bar

      Only visible objects will be exported.

  3. From Navisworks menu bar, select the Export add-ins 1 tab.

  4. Select the Export icon to initialize the Plugin.

    • The Model Exporter dialog box will open
  5. From the Model Export window, select the Choose Location... button within the Location* column.

    • The Choose Location window will open

    If the model has been previously loaded, its location will appear instead of "Choose location...*"

  6. Within the Choose Location window, the Project Structure is displayed, select a location for the Model Stream, then select OK.

    • With the location defined the export process can begin
  1. Select Start.

    • While the model(s) are exploring, the Last Update column becomes a status bar and the Start button becomes a Stop button

  2. Select Close.

    • The Model Export window will close and trigger the Model Stream Info window