AutoCAD Plugin

Step by Step — Download Autodesk® Plugin Installer

AutoCAD must be closed prior to an install.

  1. Open in your web browser to go to the InEight Downloads page.
  2. Under InEight Model, select the Autodesk® Plugin Installer Download link.

Step by Step — Launch Model Exporter in AutoCAD

  1. With AutoCAD clopsed, complete the Autodesk® installation process.
  2. From AutoCAD, use the command INEIGHTEXPORT to launch the Model Exporter application.

    Ensure there is at least one model object within the AutoCAD model before launching the Exporter.

    • InEight Exporter opens.
  3. You have two choices to export:
    • Export Active: launches the Model Exporter for the currently opened and active model.

    • Export Batch: opens a file explorer so multiple DWGs can be selected.

  4. Select Export Active.
    • The AutoCAD Plugin then collects all the metadata contained within the selected files. This can take a little time depending on the size and complexity of the chosen files.

    • The Model Export window opens.

      The Model Exporter window provides access to settings and options for exporting model content from AutoCAD into InEight Model.

  5. From the Model Exporter window, select Choose Location... button in the Location column on the far right.

    • The Choose Location window opens.
    • If the model has been previously loaded, its location will appear instead of "Choose Location...".

  6. In the Choose Location window where the Project Structure is displayed, select a location for the Model Stream.
  7. Select OK.
    • With the location defined, the export process can begin.
  8. Select Start.
    • While the model(s) are exporting, the Last Update column becomes a status bar and the Start button becomes a Stop button.

  9. After the import has completed, select Close.
    • The Model Exporter window closes and triggers the Model Stream Info window.

      There are two options to save:

      • Save Now- pushes the model to the cloud so others on the project can see and utilize the model.

      • Save Later- does not push the model to the cloud, but keep it locally on the computer until Save Project has been executed to share with the project team.

  10. In the Model Stream Info window, select Save Now.
  11. If the model is not visible in the viewer, select the Home key on your keyboard (laptops - Fn+Home). This will bring the model center forward on your screen.

    This process imported the model(s) into InEight Model with minimal metadata from the authoring system.

Basic Tags included in every export:

Tag Category Tag Value

<model name>

ACAD Block <block names>
ACAD Layer <layer names>
ACAD Material <material names>