Major Release Notes – Model 21.10

  • Import and export coordination rules – You can now import and export coordination rules between projects to easily add tag structure. ClosedRead more

    In the Logic > Coordination panel, you can perform clash detections.

    For example, if you need to create a clash between piping and civil, you can structure your model with specific rules or rule groups in the Coordination panel that allows for that type of clash. Then, if you want to use that same tag structure only in a different project, you can export those coordination rules from the Coordination panel to use as a template for the rules in the new job.

  • Element and Dynamic attachments – You can now quickly navigate through the hierarchy of Elements in the Elements panel. ClosedRead more

    The Elements panel now has a tree view where you can view the project structure and filter your Elements list to show all relevant Elements associated with the tree structure. The Elements list also shows more accurate details for Hierarchy position and Location in the Details tab of the Elements panel.

  • DTO functionality – You can now import and export DTOs (Data Transformation Operations) between projects. ClosedRead more

    When you select the DTO panel, you can right-click a DTO file tree and select either Export Selected or Export All. That DTO file then exports the entire DTO file tree structure. Then, the DTO file can be imported into another project.

  • AWP enhancements – The AWP panel now includes functionalities such as search, sort, and filter. ClosedRead more

    If you have a larger job file and need to find an AWP item quickly, you can now search for the item you are looking for in AWP. You can also filter your data to only show data that is available for a specific set of packages. For example, you can filter for packages that were created from InEight Plan and set the filter to only show Platform. You can also add a filter, clear filters, or delete a filter.

    You can filter through the following:

    • % Complete

    • Description

    • Finish

    • GUID

    • Name

    • Platform

    • Start

    Previously when you received project updates in the AWP space and accept those updates, all packages expanded to their lowest level which made navigation difficult. Now, the view on the AWP panel does not change when you accept project updates. You can also right-click the AWP panel and choose to Expand All or Collapse All.

  • Style Set enhancements – You can now group and organize the styles in the Style Set panel. ClosedRead more

    Previously in the Style Set panel, you would see a flat list of styles with no folder structure or hierarchy. Now, you can add a folder structure to your Style Set panel to easily group and organize your styles.

  • Reporting for Tags and Objects – A new reporting UI lets you create standard reports for Model objects and tags. These reports can then be exported as a CSV file.

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