Schedule 23.12 Release Notes

New builder menus

  • New builder menus - You can now run advanced grouping, sorting, and query filters on multiple columns in several Schedule views, save as personal views and reuse in your assigned projects. ClosedRead more

    All menu builders can be saved and reused and are highlighted when there are existing saved views.

    • Column set builder menu – The Column set builder menu lets you add and remove columns in the Plan, Markup, and Schedule Review views.

      You can choose available columns in the Column set builder to create customized column page layouts.

    • Query builder menu - The Query builder menu lets you set column filters in the Plan, Markup, Schedule Review, and Cost Risk views.

      You can choose available columns in the Query builder to create customized page layout query.

    • Sort builder menu - The Sort builder menu lets you sort columns in the Plan, Markup, Schedule Review, and Cost Risk views.

      You can choose up to ten columns to sort in ascending and descending order.

    • Group by builder menu - The Group by builder menu lets you group columns in the Plan, Markup, Schedule Review views.

      Prior to this enhancement, you could only group by WBS. You can now choose to group by one column or multiple columns.

    • View builder menu - The View builder menu lets you combine columns from the other builder menus and show in the Plan, Markup, Schedule Review views.

      The View Builder lets you choose multiple columns from any of the builder menu columns. The chosen builder menus are highlighted on the toolbar.

    For more information, see Builder Menus.


  • Printing - You can now customize your output options when using the Go to print view. ClosedRead more

    Select the Go to Print view to modify the Page Setup, Gantt Setup, or Save to a PDF options. You can select from several paper sizes, choose between a landscape or portrait layout, modify the page scaling, and include headers, footers, and logos to one or all pages.

    The Gantt chart tab lets you customize the Gantt Start and End dates and change the timescale, the options to hide the Gantt chart, or show the histogram.

    For more information, see Printing.

Risk Register

  • New Project register events column - The Cost column is now added to the Risk register’s Project register events tab. ClosedRead more

    The Count column shows a count of events in the Cost Risk view and shows you the Event information in a new window.

Cost Risk

  • Cost Risk view - Existing register events are now retained when you import using the Schedule XLSX import file.