InEight Contract

InEight Contract is specifically designed to manage the entire contract management process, from procurement planning through contractor and supplier selection, and from contract creation through pay request approval. Along the way, the system integrates with other project roles to eliminate redundant data entry, such as pushing commitment amounts from contracts to project forecasts and pushing subcontract scope and line items to work planning and field teams to coordinate the work and provide progress updates.

Plus, Contract can integrate directly with your financial/enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. That means project-level contract management activity can easily stay in sync with corporate systems, from purchase order creation to payment status. All stakeholders involved in the process, either in the field or the back office, can collaborate in one platform and trust that the financial systems remain in sync.


Manage supplier and contractor selection all the way through contract creation, including approval workflows and electronic signature.


Stay on top of contract deliverables, changes, and payments through contract closeout, while staying in sync with corporate financial systems.


Connect with other project controls processes to create an end-to-end contract life cycle management solution.