InEight Estimate In The Cloud

InEight Estimate lets you quickly and accurately determine costs for projects of any size by using a top-down, conceptual, and bottom-up estimating approach that lets you apply methods most appropriate to the scope of the project. You can create realistic cost estimates using customizable templates, standardized resource and assembly databases, and real-time benchmarking from other previous projects.

As you create the estimate, benchmarking capabilities from InEight proactively looks for as-estimated and as-built data points from historical projects to show you how the current estimate aligns with that history.

Since estimates often must be presented to both owners and contractors, Estimate includes best-in-class capabilities to roll up and visualize the estimate with tremendous flexibility, including multiple cost breakdown structures, pay item and proposal structures, account code structures and unlimited work breakdown structures. Estimate's user interface simplifies data entry and editing with drag and drop for moving and copying, fill-down and multi-edit to simplify mass edits, powerful filtering and sorting and a full audit trail to show the history of changes anyone has made to the estimate.


Create benchmark validated estimates from high level to highly detailed using templates, resources and cost and assembly libraries.


Confidently turn estimates into proposals with strategic markup and pay item pricing, alternate scenarios and subcontractor quote management.


Sync estimates with design models and project schedules to eliminate redundant data entry and gain new competitive advantages.