Major Release Notes – Admin Tools 21.7

Admin Tools is a new configuration application for InEight Completions and Model. With every release, more valuable features will be added, with the goal of providing administrators with a complete configurations tool kit.

With this first release, Account Administrators can now independently create new projects by duplicating existing project configurations. As an alternative to the role assignment using the Excel Plugin, Project Administrators can now use Admin Tools to assign specific roles to groups. Review Admin Tools training material for more details.

  • Configuration – You can now assign roles and user accounts using the Admin Tool Configuration function.

    • User Account Management – You can now manage user accounts through the Users & Groups tab and the Project Permissions tab of the User Account Management Configuration page. ClosedRead more

      You can get to User Account Management through either the tile in Configurations or the quick link in the Main menu slide-out panel.

      You must be an account administrator to manage user accounts.

      The User Account Management page is organized into the following tabs:

      • Users & Groups – Manage users and user groups

      • Project Permissions – Assign user groups to projects

      You can set up users to have standard, read-only, or administrator permissions. You must assign a user to a group so they can be given access to a project. A group is a collection of users that lets you assign multiple users to a project at one time. The Users & Groups tab is where you can add, edit, activate, and delete both users and groups.

      Users can only belong to one group per project.

      The Project Permissions tab is organized into two panels. The Groups panel shows groups and their users. The Projects panel shows projects and the users and groups assigned to each project. The Projects panel lets you manage what type of access users and groups have to a project. You can use the buttons in the center of the page to add and remove selected users and groups to and from projects.

      Users and groups assigned to projects can be given either read-only or write access.

      You can export a Microsoft Excel file that shows the users and groups in the project. To export, click Export in the upper right of the page to download the file.

    • Project Roles Assignment – Project Administrators can now add or remove groups from roles in specific projects. ClosedRead more

      Project Roles Assignment settings lets you assign roles for groups or individuals in each project.

      You must be an Account Administrator or have a permission or role to manage group roles. Administrators should know what each role can do from the project setup.

      The Project Roles Assignment page is organized into two panels. The Groups panel lets you manage groups, and the Roles panel lets you manage roles. To assign an individual to a role, search for them in the groups column and highlight their username. Then, select the role you want to assign to the individual user. Use the buttons in the center of the page to add or remove selected groups or individuals to and from roles.

      You can export a Microsoft Excel file that shows the users and group of the project. To export, click Export in the upper right of the page to download the file.

  • Duplicate a project – You can now create a new project by duplicating an existing project and adjusting certain project configuration. ClosedRead more

    Duplicating a Project creates a new Project with the same configuration as the Project being duplicated.

    You must be an account administrator to duplicate a project.

    You can duplicate a project using two different methods. You can select a project, and then click the Duplicate button.

    You can also right-click a project, and then select Duplicate from the drop-down menu.

    If the new project name matches an existing project name, a warning message is shown.

    You can adjust the project configuration for the duplicated project through the Modules and Optional section.

    In the Modules section, turn on the toggle for content from each module, such as templates, that you want to include in this project. By default, all modules’ content is copied. Copied content is only the project structure, not actual data records.

    In the Optional section, turn on or off the toggles for PDF Templates, Email Notifications, Archive Folders, or Locations, as necessary. The Archive Folders toggle is set to off by default.

    After you create a duplicate project, you cannot delete it.

    You can then assign user groups and use Completions HQ and Microsoft Excel to import project-specific data.

  • Main menu slide-out panel – The slide-out panel gives you quick links to administrative functions and other helpful links. ClosedRead more

    To open the slide-out panel, click the main menu icon. The slide-out panel contains the following links:

    • User Account Management – Manage users, user groups, and their access to projects

    • Online Training Portal – Takes you to the Knowledge Library

    • Completions Web – Opens the Completions web interface in your browser

    • Feature Request – Submit a request for a new feature

    • Support – Opens an email to InEight Support

    You can also use the main menu slide-out panel to log out of Admin Tools.