Platform 23.6 Release Notes

Updated 17-JUL-2023

  • Project structure - A new feature has been added that lets you create a hierarchy to identify each stage, phase, and status of the project lifecycle. You can then associate the different levels and build the hierarchy, then further define the levels of detailed information using the list of project values. To create and view the project structure, in the left navigation, go to project > Project structure.

  • Project values – The Project values page has been updated and new functionality added for Project structure. To improve usability, a left navigation panel has replaced the individual project values tabs across the top of the page, and Assigned disciplines and Assigned commodities were added to the list of project values. ClosedRead more

    Assigned disciplines and Assigned commodities values are the disciplines and commodities from master data that have been assigned to the project. Click the Assign to project button to open a dialog box that shows a list of available values you can choose to add to the project.

    When you select either disciplines or commodities, and then click Remove from project the value is removed from the project, but project value is not deleted.

    From the Project values page you can select Assigned disciplines and Assigned commodities, and then click the Assign parent(s) button to add them to the project structure. You can assign more than one parent in the hierarchy to a project value.

    Click the Go to project structure button to quickly navigate to the Project structures page.

  • Default payment terms and Incoterms – Previously, the fields in Vendor details for Default payment terms and Default Incoterms allowed free-form text to be entered for values. In this release, the Default payment terms and Default Incoterms fields in Vendor Details are now a drop-down list that only allows values available in Vendors master data to be selected. ClosedRead more

  • InEight Schedule permissions – The Launch Schedule permission has been removed and the View Schedule permission modified to allow navigating to the product.

  • Project employee date validation – When an existing employee's project start and end dates are changed, they are checked whether the dates are within the range of master data employee start and end dates, not the project start and project end dates.

  • Excel import and export – The SourceSystemId column in the import and export templates for all entities, except Project or Organization, are now locked so users cannot add, remove, or update any values in the column.

  • Document Types – In organization > Settings > Document Types, new system documents for Executed Change Order, Request for Information, Form, Notice Letter, Signed Document, Other, and Proposal have been added for InEight Change. These types are associated with Change by default and the product association cannot be changed.

  • User preferences – The temperature unit in Preferences > General can now be toggled to show in either degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

APIM Integrations 23.6 Release notes

New integrations

InEight Control

Time Phased Forecast

  • Description: This integration allows a customer to update InEight Control from their external ERP the time phased forecast for a cost item for live forecast cost, manhours, and notes.
  • Name in APIM: TimePhasedForecast_Import
  • Additional information: InEight Control Integration Specification

InEight Plan


  • Description: These integrations allow customers to create, update, and request components and custom characteristics between their internal systems and the InEight cloud platform.
  • Name in APIM: Component_Import, Component_Get
  • Additional information: InEight Performed Work and Payroll Integration Specification

Integration changes

InEight Platform


  • Changes: Added PaymentTermsSourceSystemId and INCOTermsSourceSystemId fields, and deleted DefaultPaymentTerms and DefaultINCOTerms fields to Vendors.
  • Name in APIM: Vendors_Import,Vendors_Get
  • Refer to InEight Master Data - Employees Integration Specification