Platform 23.8 Release Notes

Updated 11-OCT-2023

  • Vendor details – The Default payment terms and Default incoterms fields in Vendor details have been changed from free-form text to drop-down selections that are pulled from master data.

  • InEight Compliance permissions – Removed View permissions for modules (Quality, Environmental, Compliance, Punchlist, Custom, Document, Contract, Change, Plan & Progress).

  • InEight Contract permissions – Added two new permissions for View Contracts > Send for eSignature > Correct eSignature and Bid Packages > View bid packages > Send for eSignature. Added section for Organization contracts permissions.

  • InEight Change permission – Added a new permission View Change > Approve/Reject budget move.

  • InEight Estimate (on-prem) permission – A new permission, Push Estimate jobs into suite, was added that allows users of Estimate (on-prem) to push approved estimate jobs to the InEight cloud platform.

  • InEight Model permissions – Added Publish Model Streams permission, which allows users to publish models from a variety of authoring tools into InEight Model. Added Manage Model Projects permission that lets users access the Project Structure panel to manage model streams and to set view permissions in the archive library.

  • InEight Progress permissions – Added the new permission Launch time center to Time center. When enabled, the Main menu shows Time center in the navigation, which allows users to open the module.

  • UOM Master data – A new optional column, 0th-dimentional UoM, has been added to Master data > UOM.

APIM Integrations 23.8 Release notes

The InEight cloud platform continually adds new integrations and works to improve existing integrations based on customer feedback. These release notes provide a summary only. Refer to the integration specification document changelog for any additional change information.

New integrations

InEight Control

Cost Item Generic - Post (V1)

  • Description: A new version of the Cost Item (Generic) integration was added that allows a customer to include or exclude specific fields read in the JSON.
  • Name in APIM: ControlCostItem_Import (V1)
  • Additional information: InEight Control Integration Specification

Integration changes

InEight Control

Cost Item

  • Changes: Added option in the JSON header to not include specific summary calculation fields.
  • Name in APIM: ControlCostItem_Import
  • Refer to InEight Control Integration Specification

InEight Platform


  • Changes: Added AcquisitionValue and ConstructionYear fields.
  • Name in APIM: Equipments_Import API and Equipment_Get
  • Refer to InEight Master Data - Equipment Integration Specification

For detailed information about integration APIs, refer to Specifications in Resources > APIM Documents.