Completions 23.6 Release Notes

Web Release Notes

  • Inspection and Test Plans – You can now create inspection and test plans and integrate with InEight Plan components. ClosedRead more

    At the organization level, administrators have the option to enable the Inspection and Test Plans option for each module.

    When you go to Settings > Product Settings, and enable Inspection and Test Plans for a module, the Inspection and Test Plans tab for that specific module shows. You can view and manage the ITPs on the tab. You have the option to create individual ITPs, or to download the Inspection and Test Plan Import template to import them seamlessly.

    To enable Inspection and Test Plans for your project, go to Module settings > Project Settings. When enabled, click the Open Inspection and Test Plans link to access the dedicated page.

    On the projects Inspection & Test Plans page of your project, you can oversee and manage ITPs. Additionally, you have the option to create new ITPs for your project by following these steps:

    • Click the Create ITP button.

    • Click the Copy ITPs from Org button to download ITPs created at the organization level.

    • Import ITPs by utilizing the ITP import template.

      • Inspection & test plan report and administration - All project approved ITPs can be reviewed using the Inspection & test plan report. The report is available to print and download to Excel.

        Additionally, with the applicable permissions, you can view and use the quick links under Administration to perform common administrative functions.

  • A new Project settings tab has been added to role configuration – The Project Settings tab lets you enable features in a project. ClosedRead more

    The roles area in Module Settings now includes a Project Settings tab at both the organization and project level. This allows for enabling and managing project settings features while configuring Roles.

    Project Settings provides administrators the ability to enable and disable project-level abilities related to the following features:

    • Enable/ Disable Project Structure – When enabled, the Project Structure feature is enabled and available to be used in projects.

      • Edit header template – Enables the ability to edit the header template associated with Project Structure.

    • Manage Project Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) – When enabled, the Inspection and Test Plans feature is enabled and available to be used in projects.

      • Create and edit inspection and Test Plans – Enable the ability to create and edit Inspection and Test Plans.

      • Edit header template - Enable the ability to edit header templates associated with Inspection and Test Plans.

    • Manage Project User Groups – When enabled, the User Groups feature is enabled and available to be used in the project’s settings. Previously, User Groups was in the Module tab,

      • Create and edit User groups – Enable the ability to create and edit user groups in projects.

    Users with these permissions have the ability to enable the features on their project in Module settings > Project Settings tab.

  • Project settings enhancements – Project settings has been updated and is now a new tab in module settings. ClosedRead more

    Project settings is a new tab in Module settings at the project level.

    In Project settings, you can manage the following:

    • Inspection and Test Plans – When enabled, this allows the project to create and manage ITPs.

      • Integrate with Plan components – Projects integrating with InEight Plan who want the integration of ITPs with Plan activity components can activate this feature. Enabling this feature, templates with ITP headers can be created and components can be linked with events. To access the Headers page in a new tab, click the Go to Header Templates link.

    • Project Structure – When enabled, the structure and metadata defined in InEight Platform is visible and can be used to sort and filter data. The Project Structure Header template can be created and added to forms to link forms to project structure records. Click the Go to Header Templates link to open the Headers page in a new tab.

    • User Groups – When enabled, user groups can be created and managed, as well as associated with events or tasks. Click the Open User Group link to go to open User Groups in a new tab.

    To access and manage these features, they must be enabled in Organization or Project settings > Roles configuration.

  • Project structure and ITP tab and template headers – You can now create new template headers for your forms in the headers tab. ClosedRead more

    A new Headers tab has been added in Module settings > Templates manager page at the project level. When enabled for the project, the ITP header and the Project Structure header shows. You can access the header tab in the module settings, Project Settings tab.

    • Inspection and test plan header template

      When the Integrate with Plan components feature is enabled in Project Settings, the ITP Header template is generated automatically. Additionally, if the Integrate with Plan components feature is also enabled, it will seamlessly integrate with InEight Plan components. This ensures that component data captured from InEight Plan remains consistent through the use of question types.

      • ITP Header builder page - You build your ITP header template in the Header builder page. Click an ITP header template to open the header builder.

        The ITP header questions are added automatically to specifically integrate with components in InEight Plan. You can add additional questions to your form as you do when configuring a template form to add to your ITP Header template.

      • Associate Plan components - You can associate an ITP to a component in InEight Plan, and then link ITP activities to templates using the Required records – Compliance Forms field.

        At the project level, on your Inspection and Test Plan page, select your ITP form, and then select an activity item to associate the template to the activity.

        After they are associated and approved, Plan users can choose which ITP will be associated to an activity component.

        The Enable Inspection and Test Plan mapping in InEight toggle must be enabled in global options in Plan.

    • All components grid - You can now view all component activities and their status in the All components option. You can track the work performed against a component in the module landing page, under Links.

      The All components option groups activities by component.

    • Project structure header template - When you enable the Project Structure Header feature in Project Settings, the system automatically generates the Project Structure Header template. The Project structure question seamlessly integrates with InEight Platform master data ensuring data consistency and providing a single source for Platform data.

      All Project Structure definitions and changes must first be made in Platform.

      • Project structure header builder page - You can build your project structure header template in the Header builder page. Click a project structure header template to open the header builder. The project structure header includes a question set up to retrieve the project structure hierarchy defined in the Platform.

        Similarly, to the template builder, you can add additional questions to the Project Structure Header template.

        Select the Integrated list question, and then click the Configure button to configure your template.

        The dialog box opens to configure the question.

    • Enable dynamic headers toggle - To enhance your template forms, dynamic header templates can be used as top headers. You can enable and disable the use of header templates created for your project. the toggle for Enable dynamic headers? is available in your template properties.

      When enabled, as you build your template, the Project Header space dynamically shows to serve as a placeholder at the top of the form.

    • Manage associations - You can associate published header templates with template forms in the Manage associations page.

      On the Manage associations page, you can view templates with dynamic headers that meet specific conditions. In the header associations column, you can select which header templates to associate with each template. If both header templates are selected, you can choose the header template that shows when filling out the form. If the header association is not set, the header templates will not show in the form.

    • New project structure values in the query builder - New values have been added to the Query Builder that directly reflect the values defined in the project structure hierarchy in InEight Platform for the project. These values are grouped together with a PS prefix. A Project Structure tree will be available in a future release to filter the events that align with the project structure.

Mobile Release Notes

  • Project structure and Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) template headers – You can now view template headers when performing forms in your mobile device. ClosedRead more

    In the web release, you can now create Inspection and Test Plan headers that integrate with InEight Plan and Project Structure headers that integrate with project structure master data in InEight Platform. The template headers automatically show on your mobile form when the Enable dynamic headers toggle is enabled in the properties tab for the web template form. They show in read-only format.

    When enabled on the web, the dynamic headers and related questions show on the form in your InEight SQC mobile device. Scheduled events that contain inspection and test plan or project structure header values specified show as read-only.

    The dynamic header sections are not limited to the inspection and test plan and project structure questions. Additional questions can be added to these sections and are answerable for end users.

    • Inspection and Test Plans header – Component and component-related property questions are read-only. Additional questions added to the form will be answerable.

    • Project Structure header – The question specifically to the project structure is read-only. Additional questions added to the form will be answerable.

    You can perform your form and answer the active questions only, and then submit your form as usual. When submitting the form, the system will not validate the read-only questions in the header template, even if they show as required.