Completions 23.8 Release Notes

Web Release Notes

Updated 05-OCT-2023 with topic links

  • Predefined email template reminders – Two new email templates have been added in Module settings > Email templates, Reminder of upcoming event and Reminder of upcoming task. When enabled, they will remind users of upcoming events or tasks prior to their due date. ClosedRead more

    The new email templates are shown below, and like other email templates, you can modify the email template content to show your preferences.

    The feature can be enabled on a template-by-template basis. To activate the feature when creating a new form, select Enable reminder notifications. For existing templates, select Enable reminder notifications in the template properties, under Options.

    For more information, see Email templates.

  • IWP widget feature – A new installation work package widget panel that integrates with InEight Plan components can now be enabled to show in the module landing page. ClosedRead more

    The new widget panel lets you track upcoming planned and scheduled work for IWP components that have been mapped to Inspection and Test Plans. You can schedule inspection and test plan (ITP) related forms for ITP mapped components associated with the installation work package.

    You can enable the IWP widget by enabling the Show Installation Work Package widget on module landing page toggle in the projects Module settings > Project settings tab.

    Inspection & Test Plans and Integrate with Plan components must be enabled first.

    For more information about the IWP widget setting, see Project Settings.

    For more information about the IWP widget tile, see Upcoming planned work tile.

  • Project structure tree – You can now use the project structure tree and component values to filter related events on the event grid. ClosedRead more

    When the project structure feature is enabled, you can view the project structure of a project on the event grid by clicking on the Project structure icon. The relationships in the tree list are defined in InEight Platform in the Project Structure definition. You can use the project structure tree to filter the events performed on a project structure in the event grid. Component values show in the project structure, based on their configuration defined in InEight Plan.

    Commodity and Work Classification project structure values do not exist on a component and should not be used in the project structure definition.

    You can enable the Project Structure by enabling the Project Structure toggle in the projects Module settings > Project settings tab.

Mobile Release Notes

Updated 05-OCT-2023 with release notes

  • Project structure and Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) template headers - You can now view, update, and sync dynamic header form question values on your SQC mobile application. When selecting a template header drop-down field, the options will show at the bottom of the screen. You can scroll through the options and tap on your selection. ClosedRead more

    The ITP header form is shown in the image below:

    The Project structure form is shown in the image below: