Permissions for each role are configured in Suite administration. Refer to the InEight Platform help topics for more information about roles and permissions.

Supporting documents permissions

If you want a role to be able to add, edit, or delete supporting documents for bid packages and contracts, you must select the Add supporting documents, Edit supporting documents, and Delete supporting documents permissions which are nested under the Edit bid packages and Edit contracts permissions. The check boxes for Add supporting documents and Edit supporting documents are enabled when the Edit contracts permission is selected. The check box for the Delete supporting documents permission is enabled only when the Edit supporting documents permission is selected.

Payment claims permissions

Roles must have the Add payment claim, Edit payment claim, and Delete payment claim permissions to use the payment claims functions in Contract. User must also have the Approve/Reject payment form permissions to send a payment claim through the workflow.

eSignature permissions

Roles must have the eSignature permission to correct DocuSign documents.