Line Items Tab

The Line Items tab displays the line items that you will pay against in the ERP system, including information about budget and commitment, schedule of values, change orders, payment progress, payment forms, and accruals and receipts.

Line items are pay items for the contract. These can be materials, services, or credits. Material, Service, and Credit lines each have a description, product category, quantity, unit of measure, value, WBS phase code and general ledger account.  Additionally, line items may contain delivery schedules, retention, tax amounts, equipment details, batch characteristics and comments as needed. 

Each line item on the contract needs to be added within the Contracts module, and these will become the line items on the associated PO once the contract is pushed to an ERP system for PO creation. The Line item details page includes sections for you to enter all relevant information for the line item. You can add line items individually or import them via the import template.