Payment claims

The Payment claims module lets you manage payment claims from Contract. The payment claims function can be used when you are required to certify a vendor's claim of work in advance of receiving an invoice or before the payment form is created. The payment claims functionality also can be used when you want to create payment forms based on the schedule of values for the project instead of line items. After a schedule item is associated to a payment claim, and you certify the claim, you can convert the schedule item to a payment form.

The contract must have a schedule of values to use payment claims. You can add an existing or new schedule items to the payment claim.

Payment claim dates

The payment claims function uses a series of dates scheduled based on your monthly payment claim due date. Each date represents a requirement that you or your vendor must meet to ensure that the vendor invoices match the work completed. You can configure up to 10 dates.

The Payment claims details and the Payment claims register show scheduled payment claim dates and actual claim dates. You enter the date that scheduled event was completed. The Created date, Submission date, and Certification date are always required. The Created date is generated by the system when you create the payment claim. The Certification date is generated when you set the Payment claim status to Certified. You must enter the actual date for any remaining dates.

For information about configuring scheduled dates, see Payment claims configuration at the organization level and Payment claims configuration at the project level.


You can add new or existing invoices to the payment claim. All invoices must be added before the claim is certified.

Supporting documents

You can add supporting documents to the payment claim. All supporting documents must be added before the claim is certified.