Control 23.6 Release Notes

  • Plan quantity now shows in the CBS and can be copied to Forecast T/O qty – The new Plan component total qty column has now been added to the CBS register. ClosedRead more Watch Video

    The new Plan component total qty column shows the sum of the component quantities from Plan and Control and now lets you update the Forecast (T/O) qty to match this value.

    Using the Install conduit cost item as an example, it is assigned to WBS phase code 1139 in the CBS.

    In Plan, WBS phase code 1139 is assigned to components Conduit material with a quantity of 150 and Install conduit with a quantity of 120.

    In the CBS, the Plan component total qty for the Install conduit is 270, which is a total of the two WBS 1139 components in Plan.

    The Forecast (T/O) - Plan component qty column has also been added to the CBS. This column is the difference between the Forecast (T/O) and the Plan component quantity.

    Update Forecast (T/O) quantity with Plan components

    The Update Forecast (T/O) qty with Plan component total quantity option located under the Actions drop-down, copies the Plan component total quantity over to the Forecast (T/O) quantity. You can also right-click in the context menu to see this option.

  • Enable Manual Snapshots – You can now create a manual snapshot of Control project data in the CBS and Pay Items registers. ClosedRead more Watch Video

    Previous to this new feature, when the Push to Live Forecast sync is initiated, a snapshot is generated, so that all the data contained in the revenue and forecast at that point in time is saved and the snapshot is created at the end of the fiscal period. The same is true for the Revenue forecast sync.

    Now, if you have the Enable manual snapshots setting enabled, you can create a snapshot at any point in time, separately from any of the above-mentioned syncs.

    When the Enable Snapshots settings is enabled, you can select the Take Live Snapshot option from the Current Live Forecast drop-down menu in the CBS to capture current values in the Live Forecast, Current Budget and Current Estimate.

    Snapshots can also be taken from the Actions menu.

    You can view the draft snapshot by selecting the View draft snapshot from the Current live forecast drop-down menu. This lets you know that the draft snapshot is not yet finalized for the current month.

    When you select View draft snapshot, the snapshot values load into the CBS in a read-only status.

    When you select the Take Live Snapshot meu-option, consecutively, a message lets you know that an existing snapshot already exists and a choice to override the previous snapshot.

    The same snapshot functionality now exists in Pay Items, with the exact same option.

    Allow syncs to replace snapshots

    When the Enable manual snapshots and the Allow syncs to replace manual snapshots toggle is turned to On, the manual snapshot is replaced when the Push Live Forecast and/or Push Forecast revenue is synced. If this setting is disabled, syncs are replaced with manual snapshots.