Control 23.12 Release Notes

  • Time Phased Forecast Microsoft Excel Import – You can now import a Microsoft Excel file to update the values in Time Phased Forecast. ClosedRead more Watch Video

    Prior to this enhancement, you had to manually enter in the time phased forecast values in each field which can be time consuming when there are several records to update.

    Now, you can select the Import icon on the Time Phased Forecast page to download the time phased template. To import time phased forecast values, you can download a template shown in step 2 below.

    The Excel file includes the cost items that are in your current Time Phased Forecast view. Columns in orange are required, columns in yellow are optional to change, and columns in grey are ignored and cannot be changed. When you are finished making your Excel changes, you can then import the Excel file into Control to update the Time Phased Forecast with your new values. Column header names will be ignored if changed.

    Updates are made when you select Publish. Excel imports are shown in the Import History Audit Log, where you can download the Excel file to see a list of errors if the process fails.

    For more information, see Time Phased Forecating.

  • New Total change order value column – The Total Change Order Value has been added in Control which lets you see the total value from the executed CCO from Change. ClosedRead more

    The Total Change Order Value is populated for any CCO type change order. When a CCO is executed in Change, this new column is populated with the Change value. This is helpful because the Total Change Order Value shows you the sum of all the change orders from Change.

  • Contract Forecast Method – The tax from draft pending vendor change orders now shows in Control’s Forecast Total Cost column when the Contract Forecast Method is used.

    For more information, see Forecast Methods.

  • Change register filters retained – Control now retains Change column filters when you navigate out of the Change register, and then go back to the register. ClosedRead more

    Previously, if you set a column filter on a page, and then leave the page, when you came back to the page the column filter was reset.

    For more information, see Approval Process.