InEight Control

With InEight Control, you can manage a project’s budget using an intuitive cost breakdown structure (CBS) appropriate for the project, while still supporting an account code structure required for corporate financial reporting. Unlike spreadsheets, Control enforces a disciplined, auditable cost control process and connects directly to related functions such as estimating, field data capture, contract and procurement management and change order management.

The result is near real-time visibility into cost performance and potential impacts on the forecast. While some project team members might only need monthly cost reports, others might need daily estimated actuals or earned value metrics, letting you drill into the details and answer the question: where did that number come from? Control covers the full spectrum, providing the project team with what they need, when they need it, while supporting integrations to reconcile with other financial and ERP systems.


Create a baseline budget directly from the original estimate and easily manage changes to the budget over time.


Collaborate with project stakeholders to deliver the most accurate forecast.


Integrate with ERP and scheduling systems to keep project budgets and forecasts aligned with other corporate systems.