Design 23.8 Release Notes

Updated 05-OCT-2023 with topic links

  • InEight Document integration – In Engineering, a new Documents tab has been added to project settings. In the Documents setting tab, turn on the Enable Document Integration toggle to allow integration with Document. ClosedRead more

    When enabled, in Engineering > Scope Items, a new Associate documents action shows in the Actions drop-down menu. Select Associate documents to go to the new Associate documents page to map scope items to documents.

    A Document project must be mapped to the suite project in InEight Platform to enable this setting.

    In the Associate documents page, a scope item panel and a documents panel will show. In the documents panel, select the Sync button to bring in all the documents from the document register in Document. When synced, one scope item can be mapped to multiple documents, or you can use the Map document button to map one document to multiple scope items.

    For more information about enabling the integration, see Documents. For more information about document association, see Associate documents.

  • InEight Control integration setting – In project > Settings > Quantity Forecasting > General, a new Control Integration toggle has been added to project settings to inherit WBS attributes. When you assign a WBS to a quantity item, and the feature is enabled, the quantity item inherits the WBS Account code, Cost segment, and UoM attributes. ClosedRead more

    The inherited attributes will be disabled in the quantity item.

    To enable Control Integration, the WBS phase code must be selected as Required and Unique in the Quantity Forecasting > Fields and component integration settings tab.

    For more information, see General.