Document 23.8 Release Notes

Updated 25-OCT-2023

  • Getting started

    • Enforce two-factor authentication at the company and project levels – You can now configure two-factor authentication as a project or company setting instead of having individuals opt in or having InEight customize your environment. ClosedRead more

      You can configure two-factor authorization for a project on the Miscellaneous settings page. Select the Enforce two-factor authentication for all project users check box.

      To set two-factor authorization for a company, go to Address book > Companies, select your company, and then go to the Options tab. Select the Enforce two-factor authentication for all company users check box.

      For information about how to enforce two-factor authentication, see Enforce two-factor authentication.

      For information about the Enforce two-factor authorization settings, see Navigating Project Settings and Creating Companies.