Estimate in the cloud refers to InEight's hosted estimating solution on the InEight Cloud Platform.
Estimate on-premise refers to InEight's estimating solution deployed in a customer's local environment.

Estimate IN THE CLOUD 23.8 Release Notes

Estimate Address Book

  • Merge and Upload Contacts and Vendors into PlatformYou can now manage disconnected vendors and contacts by merging them with existing InEight Platform vendors and contacts or uploading them to create new Platform vendors and contacts. This helps your company transition to leveraging a consolidated approach for managing your subcontractors and suppliers across all InEight applications while retaining all the information you built over the years in Estimate Address Book, including where those people and companies have been referenced and used in estimates, quotes and RFQs.ClosedRead more

Both the Merge Vendors with Platform and Merge Contacts with Platform buttons bind existing disconnected vendor or contact information to Platform. The Upload Contacts with Platform and Upload Vendors with Platform buttons create Platform vendors and contacts from the Estimate Address Book record. When merging or uploading, an Estimate Merge or Upload dialog box shows, letting you know of any differences between Estimate and Platform, so you can be sure the data is accurate and make any final corrections prior to submitting the changes to Platform.

For more information, see Library Address Book.

Resource Employments

  • New Quantity Ratio column – A new Quantity Ratio column has been added to the Resource Employment register, which indicates the proportion between the quantity of a cost item and the quantity of the resource employment. This new column is helpful if you want to quickly look through your resource employments to see if you have the correct ratios. Closed Read more Watch video

You can now more conveniently see and understand when a quantity ratio is accurate. For example, 50 l bs/CY for rebar for a slab might be appropriate, but for a wall it should be closer to 150 lbs/CY. The new Quantity Ratio scale factor column helps you identify any employment quantity ratios in your estimate that could be more accurate.

For more information, see Resource Employment Register.


  • New Quote Comparison and Award Microsoft Excel file –The Microsoft Excel file generated when you export the Quote Comparison & Award form now more closely resembles the form in Estimate, so users of this output can more clearly understand what the estimators knew when they made determinations on which numbers to carry. Closed Read more

    The Quote Compare & Award form often changes frequently in the closing hours of a bid, which can prompt estimators to keep track of what the subcontractor and supplier quotes might have looked like at any point throughout the bid closing. Some rely on such bid leveling information but do not want to access live information directly in the application, making it crucial to produce an identical output file of the Quote Compare & Award form at any given time.

    For more information, see Quote Comparison and Award.